If you require urgent help dealing with a serious problem, please do not continue reading this page but call the emergency services in your area or a professional helpline. Common helpline phone numbers can be found here.

Terms of Service of AY’s Mentoring Service

  • This is NOT a professional counselling service. The staff is made up of Christian volunteers and we are not trained in counseling. We are simply teenagers and young adults who will offer you Christian advice.  Please do not use the AY mentoring service to address problems which require professional help, including, but not limited to: self-harm, suicide, abuse, neglect and recognised mental illnesses.  
  • AY’s mentoring service is available to young adults or teenagers over the age of 13.  We do not offer services on this site to those under the age of 13.  For more information on this, please read our policy here regarding COPPA http://anointedyouth.org/index.php/about/coppa
  • Although you may contact the mentoring team at any time, please notice that we may not get back to you quickly.  We try to answer all emails within 24-48 hours.  Therefore, if you need immediate help, please contact the emergency services in your area or phone a hotline listed in the post above.
  • This is a confidential service which means that the mentors will respect your privacy, will not judge you and will attempt to help to the best of our ability.   However, the questions you ask may be discussed with the mentoring team, other AY staff and authorities if required. In some cases, your question may be posted in our archives, website, or in the newsletter; however, we will remove your personal information from the question.  This is only done in hopes that your question will help someone else that could be too afraid to ask the same thing.  For more information, please see our privacy policy: http://anointedyouth.org/index.php/about/privacy-policy
  • We don't have all the answers, but we will try our best to help and comfort you.  The AY mentor reserves the right to stop communication at any point, if necessary.
  • The views expressed by our advisors are not necessarily those of Anointed Youth.  
  • Though we care about and take time with each answer we give, Anointed Youth and the AY mentors do not take any responsibility for the actions and decisions made by those to whom we advise.  You are 100% responsible for your actions and decisions.
  • These terms of service apply to all areas of the mentor program including, but not limited to: the public advice forum, confidential advice forum, 1-on-1 mentoring.

Anointed Youth staff reserves the right to modify these terms of service and the system at any time without notifying the user.  It is your responsibility to review the terms of service.

23rd February 2013