Here at Anointed Youth Ministries, we are blessed to be fully run by a team of committed volunteer teens and young adults from all over the world. Each of our volunteers works hard behind the scenes to ensure this place runs smoothly and that all visitors and members feel welcome, safe and valued.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Click here.

Introducing our current volunteer team:

AY Owner / Manager:

  • Damaris (Heidi)


  • Godsgal (Jocelyn)
  • Zipster (Nick)

Supervisor is “Mentor” (mentor[at]anointedyouth[dot]org)

  • Little Princess (Elizabeth)
  • TehPanda (Amanda)
  • Zipster (Nick)

Tech support and development:

  • JesusIsHardCore (Philip)
  • Sweetoffee14 (Rebecca)



And very special thanks to our founder Tia for all the hard work she has poured into AY over the past decade – on behalf of all members, past and present, we very much appreciate all your efforts and know that this place would not be what it is today without you. Thank you

For a list of all our past volunteers – in recognition of all their contributions and service – please click here.